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My first-ever Blog!

Posted by fullerbirthsupport on January 10, 2011 at 11:45 AM



This will be my first attempt ever at blogging! My goal for this blog is to raise topics that will help you ask questions, really important questions about pregnancy, giving birth, and raising our children. As parents, our job is to do the best for our kids, and sometimes that doesn't mean going along with the norm of society just because that's what we are told is best for us by the media, the government,  doctors, and by the family down the street with 6 kids that knows it all. It means thinking outside the box, and learning for yourself what is best for you and your family.


As a parent, doula and childbirth educator, I continue to learn everyday, because I now know to ask the important questions. As a first time mom giving birth 5 years ago, I wasn't asking these questions, and there are so many things that I know I would have done differently if I had. But that's the learning process and you do your best with what you've got at the time!


Here I will post articles that I find interesting, videos, other blogs, my own writing, and pretty much anything that I think will spark your mind. Thanks for reading!

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