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Kaitlyn, Craig and Kaleb

Our experience with Carmen was absolutely wonderful! I was set on having a natural birth in the hospital and I knew that it would be difficult and that is why we chose to have Doula. Carmen met with us several times before the birth of our baby so that we could get to know each other and get an idea of the kind of birth experience we wanted. She made sure my husband and I were familiar with hospital procedures and all of our options before our due date so that we would feel confident in our ability to make educated decisions during labour. I ended up having a natural birth without any medication and I don't now if it would have been possible without Carmen there to offer her support to myself and my husband during those tough moments of labour. The pictures that Carmen took in the first moments of our baby's birth are so precious and invaluable and I still love reading the birth story she wrote for us! We thank Carmen for for all she did to help us achieve a wonderfully positive birth experience.

Sophie, Dimitry and Akira

Carmen is a very knowledgeable and talented doula and a great person! When I became pregnant, we were determined on having as much of a natural birth as possible. As first time parents, we couldn't estimate how hard this could possibly be. Now we know it is very hard, but was possible thanks to Carmen's support and high professionalism. She was there for us at every moment-to guide and prepare us from all different aspects, so we could make it to a natural delivery. We highly recommend hiring a birth doula and we especially recommend Carmen.                       

R.N. from Rocky View Hospital

Carmen was a great support for the family. Her knowledge and care helped them have the delivery that they wanted!

Lindsay, Cam, Luke and Ivy

Carmen was very knowledgeable before, during and after our birth experience. It really meant a lot to both me and my husband to have her there as someone who had been through labour and delivery many times before. I felt safe and championed and really felt that Carmen was a valuable member of my team. I would not hesitate to recommend Carmen to any interested mother-to-be.


Carmen was my doula for my second son's home water birth. She came soon after I called and the moment she walked in the door she was working at helping me cope with the contractions, squeezing my hips and helping to relax afterwards. Despite everything I knew I wasn't able to let go and breath during contractions until I had her here to gently and constantly remind me how. She held my hands during contractions which made it feel like she was sharing the intensity with me, making it easier to bear. Both my husband and my mother were impressed and so happy that Carmen was there, as was I! I will definitely be asking her to attend any future births of mine.

Jennifer and Rich

Carmen Fuller was our doula for my second child that I had with a new partner. While he thought that maybe we could do without the presence of a doula (afterall, I had a baby once before), after the birth itself, he was so relieved that she was there. We both were. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it was to have Carmen there on my side during the birthing process. She provided support, coaching, understanding from the time we hired her pre-natal to post-natal follow-up to both me and my partner. And when I was in the moment of the birthing time, she was there, empowering me and my partner. Rich took her lead and followed her suggestions (thankfully) and that made all the difference for the experience. After Sierra Sky arrived, the staff at the hospital were so amazed I birthed her without any drugs or assistance in a medical manner. Ultimately, that did not surprise me given the push the nurses were for drugs. A women will choose what she will in the end, but without Carmen and my partner there as my advocates, I was able to say ‘no’ and stick to my plan for a natural birth in the end. I can see why so many women end up saying ‘yes’ and there is nothing wrong with that either. It was important to me and Carmen was clear on that. She has the knowledge to guide a woman through a birthing experience that without judgement or compromising the woman’s health or risk. Truly, our doula, Carmen, if we should have another baby, will be the first person we’ll be calling.


Carmen was our Doula for the birth of our second child. She was very good at providing us with useful information to have the non-drug a.k.a. natural birth we wanted. Carmen was very personable, had knowledge on hypnobirthing, and had a variety of tools to adapt easily to variables during the labour. Our birthing experience would not have been as enjoyable or as fast without Carmen. We would definitely recommend Carmen as a doula, and will use her services again.


For my second pregnancy, my husband and I knew we wanted all the support we could get. After meeting Carmen, we knew she was that perfect person for us. Leading up to the birth, we met A few times and she gave us a review crash course on what to expect (once again) in labour. We had done this before, but as we were about to learn, the second time can go very, very differently. Just like with my first child, my body "warmed up" for 12 hours prior to go time. We had called our midwife when the contractions were starting to feel intense. It was suggested that we call Carmen over for support until we were sure it was time to leave to the hospital. 25 minutes after calling Carmen, she arrived at our house, finding me sprawled over an exercise ball. She was at my side in an instant, calming and encouraging. She knew exactly how to make me more comfortable, and began pushing into my lower back and the sharp pains disappeared. I was a lot farther than I thought (I was actually in transition), but Carmen was my calm. Within 3 minutes of her arrival, I felt the need to push. Still not realizing how far along I was, Carmen calmly got us on the phone with our midwife and organized our departure to the hospital. She followed behind us on the drive which was a great comfort. My water broke as we were leaving, and 18 minutes later my son was born minutes after arriving at Foothills. I have no doubt that our son would have been born in our living room, or the side of the road if it wasn't for Carmen. I can't put into words how wonderful it was to have the experience of Carmen as our doula. I wished I had known the difference of such an amazing support person for my first birth. Knowing you have this support for your entire birth & leading up in invaluable. My husband and I were able to focus solely on me, and know everything else would be taken care of. The pictures & birth story are also a fantastic bonus! 

Joanna- Birth Pool Rental

With our 2nd homebirth, my husband and I decided a waterbirth would be a great option. It was an amazing experience! The warm water helped sooth my rushes and minimize pain during the last pushes. We would definitely do this again and can't recommend Carmen's services enough.